Claire Lamman

Hello! I am a graduate student at Harvard's Center for Astrophysics, working with Daniel Eisenstein. I'm interested in exploring the dark sector of our universe, dark energy and dark matter, through observations of galaxies. Most of my time is spent figuring out the best way to condense information - whether it be finding a good statistic to quanify galaxy coorelations or explaining a cosmology idea to the public.

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  • Dark Energy

    Our universe is rapidly expanding, and we're not exactly sure why. We call this "why" Dark Energy. We use observations and simulations of the cosmos to explore the nature of this myserious force.


    Tens of millions of galaxies. Hundreds of astronomers. Five thousand tiny robots.

    I'm part of the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument: a global collaboration which is mapping out the nearby Universe.

    Overview of my Research

    I am currently studying how the alignment of galaxies will affect our measurments of the Universe's structure. To see summaries of my work for various audiences, click below.


    I am passionate about teaching and always looking for outreach opportunities.

    Current Projects

    I am part of DESI's Education and Public Outreach Team. As part of this, I am leading the creation of a DESI planetarium film with Fiske Planetarium and make DESI-themed art, including a comic.

    I am also an organizer for the annual ComSciCon Flagship workshop, a science communication conference for grad students, by grad students.


    You may have found this website through one of my baking posts. I make a lot of astro-themed treats (video). For the highlights, check out my twitter account. To see all bakes and descriptions of the science which inspired them, see my instagram.

    Recorded Presentations

    Fiske Planetarium: Live 2019 Commencement Show (15 min)   watch

    Astro Chat: Introducing myself and my research to students (50 min)   watch

    Fiske Planetarium: "TESS, Discovering Distant Worlds" | NASA short full dome film    watch

    Blog Posts

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