Claire Lamman


NSF Fellow

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Hello! I am a graduate student at Harvard’s Center for Astrophysics, interested in cosmology and science communication. I just released an M dwarf multiplicity survey - searching for binary systems of small, cool stars using Robo-AO. Now I'm part of the DESI collaboration, a group working on a large, spectroscopic survey of galaxies to study the effects of dark energy on our universe. As someone with a passion for teaching and public speaking, I am always looking for outreach opportunities.

Curriculum Vitae


C. Lamman, C. Baranec, Z. K. Berta-Thompson, N. M. Law, J. Schonhut-Stasik, C. Ziegler, M. Salama, R. Jensen-Clem, D. A. Duev, R. Riddle, S. R. Kulkarni, J. G. Winters, J. M. Irwin, “Robo-AO M Dwarf Multiplicity Survey: Catalog”, to be published in the Astronomical Journal.  arXiv

J. Schonhut-Stasik, D. Huber, C. Baranec, C. Lamman, M. Salama, R. Jensen-Clem, D. A. Duev, R. Riddle, S. R. Kulkarni, N. M. Law, “Robo-AO Kepler Asteroseismic Survey. II. Do Stellar Companions Inhibit Stellar Oscillations?”, October 2019.   arXiv


C. Lamman, Z. K. Berta Thompson, C. Baranec, N. M. Law, J. Schonhut Stasik, Robo AO M Dwarf Multiplicity Survey, 2018, in American Astronomical Society Meeting Abstracts #231, Vol. 231, 349.13    view


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